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IP Office 406V2

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IP Office 406v2

Quick Specs

  • Up to 192 Extensions
  • Maximum Number of Trunks 96
  • 8 DS Phone Ports on Base Unit
  • 2 Analogue Ports on Base Unit
  • 8 Port 10/100 full duplex switch on Base Unit
  • Voice Mail Lite (Included)
  • IP Phones Supported
  • Softphone Supported
  • Digital Phones Supported
  • Analogue Phones Supported
  • Phone Manager software (Included)

Key IP Office Features

IP Phones – VoIP or Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol technology is fast replacing traditional phone systems because of its flexibility and features and the ability to reduce phone bill charges.  With VoIP, calls that once incurred long distance charges may be free.  Corporate networks utilizing VPN technology often cover states, countries, home and hotel WiFi connections.  An IP phone can be connected anywhere on the corporate network and be used just like any other extension in the office.  A telecommuter can have a phone in a home office and receive calls, page or make calls the same as being in the office.  An executive can travel from Chicago to Phoenix and log into a phone there; anybody calling her extension wouldn’t know the difference and familiar phone features and message lights are on the phone she is at.  Travelers can take laptops with Softphones installed and use them as an office extension at the hotel or any WiFi hot spot.  The IP Phone revolution is just beginning!

Twinning – is the ability to incorporate your cell phone into your office phone system.  With Twinning, a call made to your extension will ring your desk extension and cell phone simultaneously.  You can answer the call from your cell phone then later transfer it to the desk phone.  Cell phone minutes for Twinned calls may even be free!  When you don’t want the office calls going to your cell phone, the Twinning feature can be turned off by the user at anytime.  (Optional) 

Hot Desking – This feature allows more than one person to use the same phone or allows a person to move to another office and make that phone their own.  This is useful if you have employees that job-share, have AM/PM shifts or have employees that don’t have a phone but need Voice Mail.  There is no charge for Voice Mail boxes so every employee can have VM with or without a phone.  (Standard)

Auto-Attendant – Callers are greeted by an automated attendant that can route calls by:

·         Caller’s Phone Number

·         Number Called (When a tenants phone number is called, the call can be routed directly to the tenants operator)

·         Menu Options (Dial 1 for Sales, etc…)

·         Dial by Name

·         Time of Day (After hours operator)

·         Forward to Hunt Group

SIP Trunking – This feature allows you to make phone calls over the Internet by using the services of SIP providers.  SIP providers like Vonage are revolutionizing the phone industry and driving down the cost of phone services.  (Optional)

Hunt Group – Options for routing in a hunt group are;

·         Group  - All telephones in the Extension List ring simultaneously.

·         Linear - Each extension is rung in order, one after the other, starting from the first extension in the list each time.

·         Circular - Each extension is rung in order, one after the other. However, the last extension used is remembered. The next call received rings the next extension in the list.

·         Most Idle - The extension that has been unused for the longest period rings first, then the extension that has been idle second longest rings, etc. For extensions with equal idle time, 'linear' mode is used.

Voice Mail Ringback – When configured the system will call your cell phone to let you know that you have a voice mail. (Standard)

Voice Mail to eMail – When configured the system will send you an email when a voice mail is received.  You can listen to your voice message by clicking on the audio file attached to the email message. (Standard)

Integrated Messaging – Available for additional costs, Integrated Messaging synchronizes your Voice Mail with your eMail Inbox so that when you delete a voice mail message in Outlook or from the phone it is deleted in both places.  (Optional)

Text-to-Speech – This option can be used to read users email to them over the phone when out of the office.  It is also used in Interactive Voice Response systems to read data from databases to callers that may have account information queries. (Optional)

Call Recording – A user may record their conversion with another party.  The recorded conversation is stored in the user’s voice mail box as a message.  (Standard)

Contact Store – Many companies record conversations or a percentage of conversations automatically for the purposes of training or quality control.  Contact store stores and manages those conversations for easy retrieval. (Optional)

Directory Integration – Many companies take advantage of a centralized directory such as the one you get in Microsoft Exchange & Outlook to keep track of phone numbers of customers, vendors and other important business contacts.  IP Office communicates with your Microsoft Windows Server so that you can lookup and dial those phone numbers just by dialing the first few letters of the name on the phone.  (Standard)

Phone Manager Application – Phone Manager allows you to make and answer calls from your desktop computer.  It also allows you to easily see your call history, lookup numbers in the directory, manage phone features.  (Standard)

Phone Manager Pro Application – Like phone manager but adds the ability to manage your Voice Mail with by selecting voice mails by time and date and to listen to them using VCR type fwd, rev, play, pause and skip controls.  (Optional)

Softphone – Turn any PC or Laptop into a phone just by installing software and attaching a headset with a microphone.  By utilizing VPN technology your laptop can receive and make calls at home or on the road.  (Optional)

SoftConsole – Computer application that is usually used by receptionists to see the busy status of employee phones and to transfer calls.  SoftConsole replaces the huge telephone consoles that were used by telephone receptionists in the past.  (Optional)

Compact Business Center – Use to manage a call center and produce reports on call volume statistics like avg. wait time, call drops, avg. call length, etc… (Optional)

Conferencing – Have up to 64 callers on a single conference.  (Standard)

AVAYA – Microsoft CRM Integration – Automatically Pops CRM when customer calls are made or received and populates a CRM record with time and date of call.  A great tool for tracking your sales force productivity and to ensure your customers are being taken care of.  Microsoft CRM must be purchased separately.  (Optional)

Call Logging – Records time, date, length of call, from and to information of all calls made or received.  The logs can be read with Excel and then reports can be easily created that can add the total numbers of minutes for local or long distance calls made by each extension.  If a more sophisticated call accounting system is needed it can be added.  (Standard)

Complete Feature List

Contact Center (Basic) Unified Messaging Security
• Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) • Integrated Messaging Lite - Presentation of Voicemail to E-mail • E911 
• Call Queue management • Integrated Messaging Pro - Synchronization with Microsoft® Exchange/Outlook • PIN restricted terminals 
• Direct Group Calling (DGC) • Message playback (text-to-speech) via handset, PC or mobile/cellphone • CLI call-back for Remote Access 
• Group Call/pick up • SMTP support • Integral Firewall
• Hunt Groups Call Handling • Network Address Translation (NAT)
• Music-on-hold • Account codes • PAP/CHAP authentication protocols
• Record-a-call • Automated Attendant • Time profiles
• Data Tagging • Busy lamp fields on DSS • VPN support
Contact Center (Advanced) • Call appearances Networking
• Advanced Queue management • Call back when free  • Centralized Voicemail (CVM)
• Call-back request capability • Call forward / hold / pick up • Feature Transparency (Small Community Networking)
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with 3rd party databases • Call interrupt / intrusion / barge-in • Frame Relay
• Management by exception (alarm on conditions) • Call screening / waiting • Integral WAN port (X21/V35)
• Maximum number of supervisors: 21 • Camp on • Proactive remote monitoring via SNMP
• Maximum number of agents: 75 • Coverage – stations or groups • Q.Sig Networking over T1
• Licensed report viewers: 21 • Follow me • Q.Sig Networking over IP to Avaya Communication Manager
• Multimedia: voice, e-mail, Web callback and Web chat • Group paging • Uniform Dial Plan
• Proactive List Dialing • Paging over IP phones • VPN support - IPSec or L2TP
• Recording Services • Hands-Free Answer on Intercom (HFAI) • VoiceMail Pro Networked Messaging
• Service Observing (silent monitoring) • Outcalling Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
• Standard & custom historic reports • PC-based phone management • 3rd party databases
• Softphone • Softconsole • TAPI WAV and TAPI 3.0 Media Service Provider for IVR capability
• Text-to-speech on IVR • Call Recording search and replay • Text-to-speech
• Real-time screens • VoIP telephony • Voice questionnaire forms for structured interview (Campaign Manager)
• Wallboards •  …and more Messaging
• Crystal Reports format Data Functionality • Automated Attendant 
Mobility • Bandwidth on demand • Languages for voice messaging system: 21
• Headset support • DHCP server • Message waiting light
• E-mail reading • Built-in wireless capabilities (Small Office Edition) • Personal Numbering
• Outcalling • Integral data router - RIP-2 • Text-to-speech
• Personal Numbering • Integral Firewall  • Voice Recording – Automatic/On-demand 
• Avaya 3810 Wireless Telephone support (North America only) • Internet Access • VoiceMail Pro Manager Graphical User Interface
• 802.11 (WiFi) IP Wireless handset • LAN-to-LAN routing • VoiceMail Pro Networked Messaging
• IP Softphone support • Multi-Link PPP • Fax over IP interworking with Avaya Communications Manager
• DECT support (EMEA and APAC) • Remote Access Server (RAS) • Personal Distribution Lists
• IP DECT support (EMEA and APAC) • 802.11 (WiFi) on Small Office Edition Wizards
Conferencing • RIP-2 • Installation and Maintenance Wizard
• Conference call control via Phone Manager  • T-PAD for credit card authorization • Small Office Edition Wizard
• Meet Me (Dial In) Conferencing Telephones Supported** • Moves, Adds and Changes Wizard
• On-demand Conferencing • 2400, 4400*, 5400 and 6400* series digital phones • Remote Upgrade Wizard
• Web-based conferencing for employees and invited participants • 3616, 3626 IP Wireless phones • Client Application Deployment Tool
  • 3701, 3711 IP DECT phones  
  • 3810 Wireless phones  
  • 4600 and 5600 series IP phones  
  • Analog phones  
  • T3 digital phones  
  *6402, 4400, 4424LD not supported  
  **Please check for full list of supported phones and regional availability  

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